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Kengo Kuma, Cafe Kureon, untreated wood, jenga, Toyama, Designed for Dissasembly, Architecture, Recycling / Compost

Cafe Kureon consist of an enclosed glass box surrounded by columns of piled blocks and topped with a corrugated metal roof. Kuma used local untreated wood and held the timber stacks together with thin steel rods. This unique building method makes disassembly easy, so the café can be moved to a different location when the time comes.

Kengo Kuma’s Cafe Kureon is yet another example of how Japanese architecture brings the outside in – the interiors are light and airy, thanks to large floor-to-ceiling windows. Interlocking lengths of timber are placed perpendicular to each other to form wooden columns both inside and outside.

+ Kengo Kuma + and associates

Photo © Kengo Kuma