Daniel Libeskind recently unveiled his remarkable design for the Kö-Bogen, a new mixed-use development in Germany. Set in downtown Düsseldorf, the retail and office complex is crowned with a grassy green roof and is designed to fit in with the surrounding historic architecture of Köenigsallee Boulevard. This lofted space connects two city blocks and creates a whole new zone for pedestrians, shoppers and employees to walk, run and enjoy open space in the heart of the city.

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Located adjacent to the Hofgarten, Düsseldorf’s central park, the Kö-Bogen will help create a larger and more continuous open green space that runs from the city center out to the park and the Rhine. The green roof will help connect the building with the beautiful historical parks surrounding the downtown area, while reducing rainwater runoff and helping to significantly reduce heating and cooling costs.

The facade of the building is meant to reflect the context of the surrounding buildings through a combination of glass and natural stone. The limestone, which is locally quarried, provides important historical context for the building and makes it a natural fit for the downtown neighborhood. The two-block complex marks a synthesis between two different architectural styles – linear elements relate it to the surrounding historical buildings, while curved spaces connect it to the natural environment.

The first 3 floors of the mixed-use complex contain flagship retail stores, and the top 3 floors will be utilized as office space. On the exterior of the buildings, subtle variations in window design and types of glazing help control lighting infiltration and solar heat gain, reducing energy use inside. Now that funding has been secured, construction of this new downtown development is set to begin sometime early in 2010.

+ Daniel Libeskind Studio

Via World Architecture News