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Created with the help of developer Real step Property Management, La Forgiatura honors the excellence and history of the metallurgical industry that once operated on its site. The shiny new complex consist of 7 buildings – some new some old – constructed from glass, wood, concrete and steel. According to the architect, natural elements like soil, water and light were carefully considered to turn the industrial space into an urban oasis.

One of the new shelters — the ‘UFO’– looks like it just landed on the roof of an existing building. The interior spaces were designed to be comfortable and energy-efficient while preserving a strong connection to the outdoors through green patios, tall ceilings, big windows and natural light. But one of the redevelopment’s most interesting aspects is its new green hills, which elegantly hide ugly machinery beneath the earth.

+ La Forgiatura

+ Stefano Topuntoli

Via Arch Daily

Photos by Stefano Topuntoli