Designed by Meridian 105 Architecture, V Tower is a grand, green residential high rise emerging from a base of retail, restaurant, cafe, and parking space. The project seeks to create a new ground plane atop this volume by providing residents with a rooftop urban park that occupies the entire building footprint. Among the amenities featured at this level are generous open areas of grass, a pool, and a community garden.

The architects attempted to make the most of the the minimal summer precipitation that the semi-arid climate of Denver, Colorado sees. However, city regulations prohibit rainwater collection and storage, instead requiring property owners to purchase their water. In an innovative response akin to the Burj Dubai’s irrigation system, V Tower collects condensation from in-unit air conditioners and condenser dryers used for laundry, appliances which pass moist air through a heat exchanger to extract water. These sources are gravity fed from the tower to a storage tank and used for irrigation, distributed by a latticework of piping constructed above the park and community garden. Like other green roofs, the park doubles as a purification filter for water before it is returned to the City.

The base of the tower is wrapped in a lattice structure, shading the facade during summer months while allowing daylight to penetrate the interior spaces. The lattice also supports vinery around the parking garage, providing a soothing appearance to those areas while allowing airflow through the structure.

+ Meridian 105 Architecture

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