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The LichtAktiv Haus looks nothing like its traditionalformer self. VELUX opened up the boxy design, created larger rooms, outdoor areas, and an extended living area. Each room has been fit with large windows on the walls and roof, flooding each interior with natural light. The open plan living room, part of the new extension, is lined with a glass wall that reveals the lush garden in the yard. The extension is connected to the original home via a large slant-roofed porch, which doubles as the main entrance.

The home is powered completely efficiently with renewable resources. The interior is passively heated in winter through the skylights and the interior is cooled by closing shutters and blinds to block the sun in the summer. An air water heat pump combined with polycrystalline photovoltaic panels line the roof, collecting energy to provide heat and hot water. The solar panels provide clean, greenhouse gas emission free energy.

The windows and skylights have been placed by light designer Peter Andres to meticulously maximize daylight- making it so strong it seems like electric lights. Artificial lights are not needed at all during the day. The home is also has an automatic system, powered with solar energy to control blinds, roof windows, and awnings- raising and lowering at various points of the day. When roof windows are open, hot air is funneled out the top while fresh air stays below. All the fixtures of the home are water saving, and rainwater is used in the washing machine, irrigation and toilets.

The LichtAktiv Haus is truly a home of the future, modern and airy in design, and completely energy saving to boot.


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