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Cadaval & Solá-Morales, Tepoztlan Lounge, pierced by trees, mexico, concrete, summer house, Architecture, Botanical

Tepoztlan Lounge an ideal space to spend long summer days, as it’s open, breezy and it hugs a nice round pool. It was designed to provide shade and shelter in hot weather, adapting gracefully to the existing vegetation while allowing it to unfold. The home is shaped like a three-point star to create separate living spaces at the end of each leg, while its center is used for communal space.

An open bar with a kitchenette, a restroom, a dressing room, a play area for children and an open plan living area are all part of this beautiful house. Cadaval & Solá-Morales aimed to provide a perfect place to live and lounge, and the result is a fresh modern house. When looking from afar, is lovely to see a building designed in scale with its natural surroundings.

+ Cadaval & Solá-Morales

Via UrDesign

Photo © Diego Berruecos – Sandra Pereznieto