Mathieu Lehanneur is known for his modernist designs that have a ecological purpose. We previously wrote about living air filter that uses plants to naturally purify the air in a neat little capsule. And now, this French designer has another amazing installation that brings the benefits of nature indoors into a self contained living local river ecosystem. This aquarium is not only an interesting home décor piece, but also a fish hatchery and vegetable garden.

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This version of hydroponics uses a refrigerated aquarium as a hatchery for freshwater fish, while vegetables grow on top in glass pods. The vegetables use the water from the fish tank, extract nutrients, filtering and purifying the water for the fish to reuse and develop. For those who don’t have the outdoor space to grow their own food, this may be an effective solution to the local food dilemma.

The aquarium was exhibited at the Artists Space in NY from May to June. You can watch a video of the installation on GearCrave.

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