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LAM means louvers in english, and this building method was chosen for a number of reasons. First, construction needed to be completed quickly, and this modular method allowed the owners to get a building up and running as soon as possible. The louvers serve as partitions as well as load-bearing components, plus the timber posts are pleasant to look at. The space is neither boxed up too tight, nor is it too open to the surrounding environment. Natural light and fresh air easily passes through the gaps to filter into the open space.

The café’s orientation and positioning was chosen in order to direct views from inside the cafe to specific areas. The surrounding residential area is not particularly pleasant to look at, so the large roof was designed to carefully control and support the nice view. The roof is constructed out of three layers – first, woven coconut leaves, then tiling, and finally a layer of fishing nets on top. In the future, the entire roof will be covered in creeping plants. When the roof is fully vegetated, the building will virtually disappear as it introduces green space back into the city center.

Via ArchDaily

Images ©Hiroyuki OKi