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Memory Cloud is the winning design for a lighting installation in the new Memorial Student Center 12th Man Hall. Designed by RE:site (Norman Lee and Shane Allbritton, Artists) and METALAB (Andrew Vrana, Joe Meppelink and Michael Gonzales, Architecture + Fabrication), the project will hang in the atrium to create an animation of students, from the past and present, walking by. The silhouette animations are created from archived footage of time-honored traditions: the Corp of Cadets, the Texas Aggie Marching Band, Kyle Field traditions, and past graduations. Additionally, Memory Cloud can convert a real-time feed of students passing by into a ghost-like version.

The sculpture is made with 4,000 energy efficient and networked LED nodes integrated within transparent tubes of various lengths suspended from a diagrid framework. This creates a vibrant, illuminated pointillist sculpture and a program controls which nodes are turned off and on and what time to display the animation. There are 12 layers or rows of lights and each can be programmed with a different sequence. Viewers can see movement from a variety of angles and see dynamic figures running, biking, or walking by in a parade of university spirit. The dreamy animations are at once vintage as well as modern and the Memory Cloud is where you can remember ghosts of the past and present.

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Images ©RE:site + Metalab