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Located out in front of the main entrance of ‘SCG Experience’ building in Bangkok, the Royal Rice Field is a glowing sea of rice planted in a water feature. At night the LED lights reflect off the water for a doubly impressive scene. Apostrophy’s created the installation by making 300 rice fixtures out of long steel tube, a golden-yellow LED bulb and a rice spike cap made from acrylic. The rice lights are grouped in clusters on platform islands connected by waterproof wiring in the water feature. A sign beside the light reads, “Long Live the King” – in honor of the King’s support and his birthday.

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Apostrphoy’s, which is known for creating thought-provoking projects like the billboard that doubles as a house, also created this lighting installation to support Thai agriculture. Agriculture, namely rice, is a chief export of Thailand, and the King has recently implemented new events, like the “Royal Ploughing Ceremony” and other Royal Development Programs to support farmers and encourage their hard work. In addition, the King is encouraging a “Sufficiency Economy” where residents become more self-sufficient as a way to improve their quality of life. Rice has become the symbol of these programs and therefore inspired the design of this striking lighting installation.

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