Rick Tegelaar’s main inspiration for design is to discover new possibilities for existing materials. Based in Amsterdam, Tegelaar developed a unique machine to create weird and wonderful shapes for his Meshmatics luminaires. By using standard chicken wire and biodegradable bamboo paper, he creates fantastic hanging lamps that could soften even the coldest energy saving lights.

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Rick Tegelaar’s Meshmatics lamps have unique organic shapes thanks to a machine and a set of tools he developed himself. By stretching the chicken wire over a turned wooden mold the Dutch designer can achieve accurate and strong lamp shades structures. These structures are then covered with wet bamboo paper that stretches its long fibers to blend with the metallic mesh. Thebrilliant hanging luminaires are finished once the fast-growing paper dries, creating a shade that lets warm soft light coming through thanks to its simple natural qualities.

Watch the making process in the video above!

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Photo © Atelier Rick Tegelaar