One of our favorite stops during Milan Design Week, last week, was at the Well-Tech Exhibition, where we found the Well-Tech organization’s mission in full green design form. Founded to encourage design that focuses on sustainability, inclusiveness and improving quality of life, Well-Tech’s 2008 exhibit featured some of our favorite humanitarian and social design products, such as the Bogo solar light, as well as some innovative new eco-design ideas, like the ‘No More Gas (NmG)’ personal electric vehicle. Read on for our highlights from Well-Tech!

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The Lifesaver bottle is the world’s first all-in-one ultra filtration bottle. Its fantastically simple design produces clean, drinkable water quickly and easily.

The Oxalis is a specially adapted Fiat that brings clean water to remote communities. It looks awesome: we can’t wait to find out more and tell you all about it.

Lightwind by Demakersvan is another beautifully simple design, this time for the garden. It does nothing more than turn wind energy into light, but it’s so simple we couldn’t help but love it.

Myers Motors’ ‘No More Gas (NmG)’ personal electric vehicle is guaranteed to make head turn in the street, if those heads can turn that fast: it can reach 75mph on electricity alone. Drivers benefit too, as they can use the carpool lane without needing to pick up additional passengers.

Verdier’s Light Caravaning project was also commended. Its ‘Sun Tracker’ solar cell tehcnology uses GPS and and on-board computer to keep the cells in an optimal position as the sun moves round.

Village Technology’s SMRrTram is a zero-emissions people mover which makes use of special passing places to enable more cars to be used on a single stretch of track. Councils will also be pleased with the cost: half the amount of conventional trams.

Best named product of the show had to be ‘Magic Bus Rats’, a cool folding bike from Italian charm cycle manufacturer Cinelli.

Eco-friendly shoe company Terra Plana had their Dopie shoes on display, presumably picked out for their minimal, comfortable and health-promoting design.

Horizon Fuel Technologies had this hydrogen-powered toy racer on display.

BoGo (Buy One Give One) light is a solar-powered light with two sets of bulbs: one at the front to be used as a flashlight and one at the side provide ambient lighting. The affordable lights are primarily intended for use in developing countries.