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The original VW bus police station at the Turkish consulate was considered ugly by many, so Tev Wilhelmsen of Gesamtkonzept proposed a new, more modern idea to the police department. Wilhelmsen’s concept received full support from the department and a year after the proposal, it was built and in place. Now the revamped station fits within the urban context and its transparent and open design improves the image of the department and the work they do there. Although the station is expected to permanently reside there, the concept allows it to be moved if necessary and others can be prefabricated inexpensively for other locations and situations.

The station is 8 sq m (83 sq ft) in size and is large enough for a desk on one side and two seats with a small table on the other. Long skinny windows allow for natural daylighting and increased visibility from inside to the consulate across the street. This transparency is important not only for the police officers’ work, but also for their public image in the city. Natural ventilation and good insulation eliminate the need for air conditioning during the summer months. The facade is covered in rust colored, wood-like laminated panels chosen to match the nearby Christ Church. Fabrication of the station was carried out by a company that produces mobile container solutions for different sectors and industries in Germany.

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