Vienna-based Mischer’traxler captured the textures and shapes of different vegetables to create a colorful line of tablewear. Called Reversed Volumes, the long-lasting ceramic vessels are imprinted with the forms of veggies and fruits, and each bowl is as unique as the piece of produce that produced it.

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So far Mischer’traxler has made bowls using cauliflower, celeriac, cabbage, a melon, a red beet, fennel, a green apple, a yellow pepper, an orange, and coffee grains.

Mischer’traxler’s Reversed Volumes are made using a homemade mold and ceramic powder, which sets without the need for an oven. The line was initially developed for FoodMarketo, a pop-up shop organized by DesignMarketo, Apartamento Magazine and Marion Friedmann during Milan Design Week 2010.


Photo © Mischer’traxler