Many city dwellers would love the opportunity to grown their own vegetables, but they often lack the space to do so. Seeking to provide a solution, New Zealand-based architect Tim Stephens has designed an urban farm that we think city folk could really dig their hands into. Spotted at ArchDaily, the Huntington Urban Farm is a model for urban gardening that provides individuals and families with container plots and creates a place for markets and community gatherings in the heart of the city.

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The urban farm is designed for the city of Huntington, NY on Long Island. It’s planned for a location smack in the middle of town, nearby the public library, church, nursery school and Main Street. This central location gives those who have a plot very convenient access. The establishment of a large central, active space such as a community garden would also create a hub of social activity and interaction centered around local food.

The farm itself is composed of a series of angled concrete planters of various sizes with varying elevations, steps and small courtyards. All of the planters are angled towards the south for optimum solar access, and trees planted in non-farmed provide some shade for parts of the farm. All of the plots are of varying size to accommodate different size families or individual needs, and even larger group plots are provided for community organizations.

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Via ArchDaily