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The house is part of a small abandoned farm in the middle of the village. The original building was demolished down to its stone wall walk-out basement, which was then stabilized for the new house. Using the exact same profile of the original the 118 square meter home, the updated design fits right into the rural neighborhood with only a few cues to its modern pedigree.

The slate walls and roof echo classic materials, but applied in a fresh new way, wrapping the home in a protective, long lasting shell. A few elongated windows peek through the façade facing the street. The south side isheavily glazed at the lower level to allow full winter sun to light and heat the interior’s tiled floor and concrete walls.

The windows are also aggressively shaded to reduce summer heating. Supplemental heating is provided by a wood pellet heater. The interior is unabashed modern, with raw concrete walls, an open floor plan and some nice design touches. But perhaps the most unique feature is a shelving system built into the wall reflecting the stairway design.

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