morphosis reflective skyscraper front exterior

The ‘7132 Tower’ is intended to be an impressive and eye-catching feature in itself, but the architects also worked to make sure the building cooperates with its beautiful natural environment. To that end, the overall design of the building is thin and minimalist, ensuring that visitors to the valley will be able to enjoy the landscape from inside or outside of the building, without the structure interfering. By coating the skyscraper in a reflective surface, the architects create an almost seamless natural perspective, as the tower appears to mimic its green surroundings.

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This lithe reflective tower will be the first Swiss project for Morphosis Architects. The hotel will offer 107 guest rooms, and will include a restaurant, café, bar, and spa. Due to the ultra-thin design of the buildings, nearly every room will have a panoramic view of the valley. The scale of the building has come under some fire since the design became public, as critics cite concerns about the impact a giant reflective skyscraper will have on bird life. Others warn that this project may spur a trend of erecting skyscrapers in areas of natural wonder. It’s clear that this cloud-reaching tower design has accomplished the architects’ purpose: grab attention and create conversation.

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