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Nacho Carbonell, Communication Line, Dutch Design Week, chicken wire, public art, sofa, social, Eindhoven, recycled paper, Ana Lisa Alperovich

Sitting at the main entrance of Eindhoven’s Katrina Kerk cathedral (chosen because churches are strong symbols of communicating and transmitting messages to millions of people) Carbonell’s social bench acts as a tool for communication. This new project seems to be a continuation of the designer’s 2009 work, Evolution Collection, but instead of providing a space for personal thinking andhiding from the world, this interactive installation was designed for bringing people closer.

Carbonell’s Communication Line is made by molding chicken wire and covering it with recycled paper and sprayed on cement. Each of the chairs’ cocoons are connected by a hole, from one edge to the other, making it also perfect for ‘Chinese Whispers’.

A fantastic piece of public furniture, Carbonell’s Communication Line allows you to escape everyday life and reconnect with your local people.

+ Nacho Carbonell

+ Dutch Design Week 2012

Photo © Ana Lisa Alperovich for Inhabitat