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Portal of Awareness, marketing, urban design, green design, sustainable design, Nescafe, Rojkind Arquitectos, Mexico City, Mexico, arches, vines

Located on the Paseo de la Reforma, a popular thoroughfare in the heart of Mexico City, the portal of awareness demonstrates how ordinary materials, such as a coffee mug, can be combined with basic construction materials to create a vibrant and inspiring public installation.

The 1,497 mugs are carefully attached to diagonal sections of rebar. The main structure consists of 41 arches that are then overlaid in two additional layers of 56 arches. These are then anchored in a series of planters at the base of the structure, where vines are taking root. In time, the vines will grow over the top of the portal, which will further enshrine its mystery. Great design, genius marketing, and something to make Mexico proud.

+ Rojkind Arquitectos