Biking through city traffic can put some cyclists on edge, but a new smart bike is helping riders keep safe by warning them about oncoming traffic. Developed by the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO), the new smart bike is equipped with special sensors that can detect approaching vehicles, as well as other bicycles and obstacles. If a car or other obstacle is getting too close for comfort, the bike’s seat or handlebars vibrate to let the rider know of the impending danger.

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green design, eco design, sustainable design, Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research, smart bike, sensor bicycle, TNO Smart bike, bicycle safety TNO’s smart bike was inspired by the popularity of peddle-powered green transportation in the Netherlands, where cyclists are both in danger of crashing with cars and with each other. Because of bicycle congestion on the streets and in bike lanes, the TNO wanted to create a bike that could give riders a greater alert than their mirrors alone could provide.

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The high tech bike is equipped with a front-mounted radar system that tracks the speed of passing pedestrians, cars and other bikes. The rear of the bike has a camera system that tracks any cars that are coming to close to the bike. Together, the data collected is crunched by an algorithm that then figures out which obstacles are a threat and which aren’t.

If a car or bicycle is coming to close to the rear of the bike, the seat vibrates, alerting the rider to speed up or pull to the side. If an obstacle is too close to the front, the handle bars jolt, warning riders to slow down or swerve. With these advanced warning systems, TNO hopes the smart bikewill keep cyclists more safe and alert on the roads.

+ Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO)

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Images via TNO and Wikimedia Commons