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Work out meets work space in Darryl Agawin’s No, Sweat! furniture line, which combines a love for design with a love for fitness (and knowledge gleaned from Agawin’s studies in medical school). The furniture provides a circuit-training program that is based around the basic components of a home office.

The red, black and white set comes with a chair, a desk and a lamp, each of which can be used for a different exercise. The chair’s back can be removed and used as a rolling resistance cylinder, while the squiggled boxes supporting the transforming desk can be used as a step bench or for sit ups. Other components, such as a kettlebell, don’t seem to have a dual purpose, but they are outlined in Agawin’s suggested twelve step workout, which accompanies the set.

No, Sweat! was created to not only save time and space, but to also help break up the work day and encouraging physical activity to help with work day endurance. Since many freelancers who work at home end up burning the candle at both ends, Agawin’s No, Sweat! offers the opportunity to take a mental break while toning up your physique. Its post-Bauhaus design also adds flare to any home office!

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Via Treehugger