Children are usually told to stop playing with their food, but those who never grow out of that particular habit tend to end up as rather brilliant, creative adults. Designer Gert Eussen, whom you may remember as the designer who created our favorite spherical treehouse, transformed the humble spud into unique, if unusual, chairs. Actual, little brown potatoes are carved into seat-shapes and dried out. No, they’re not pieces of doll furniture: they’re models for larger, people-sized real things! The full-sized potato chairs are built to the specifications of a real potato, and made of bio-plastic to boot.

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It’s one of the oldest guidlines of craftsmanship—to let the materials inform the design—but rarely do you see an example so direct, striking and quirky. You get the sense that the potato just decided that this was the chair it was going to make today, thank you very much, wrinkles and all. Eussen’s chairs are carved into cute, elegant and cozy shapes, and as an eco-design bonus, they are also brown and earthy. As a hilarity bonus, they look like something out of a claymation set. Plus, each chair is so distinctive you could probably name them individually. I would call mine “Mister.”

+ Gert Eussen