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The heart of the design is thespiral staircase directly illuminated by natural light thanks to a skylight above. Built on the 4th and 5th floors of an apartment building in Kreuzberg, Berlin, the apartment features defined living areas and circulation routes. The 5th floor accommodates the “public zone” with an open studio space, kitchen, dining area and living room extending onto the terrace offering great views of the neighborhood. The lower floor houses the bedrooms – more private areas for the family.

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On thecourtyardside, the traditional “Brandwand“ (firewall) overgrown in wild wine plants acts as a green wall which inspired the patterns used to design the wooden floor within the apartment. The colorful treatment of flooring livens up the space and winds through the entire apartment. To provide an additional connection between the two floors, the architects introduced a fire pole that creates an efficient and easy-to-use circulation loop and an emergency escape route.

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