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Hancock first dreamed up the project as a way to bridge the gap between the fantastical New York of television and movie sets to the real streets of his adopted home. The New York he chose to illustrate is the one that is lived in, with local dives, favorite restaurants, iconic buildings and architectural styles native to each neighborhood.

The sketches in the newly published book show a New York that is timeless. Hancock’s architectural illustrations could be from any era, and are drawn in a classic style that is betrayed only by his renders of modern buildings. Through his drawings of architecture, he gives a voice to the buildings of the city that are in our day-to-day lives.

All the Buildings in New York” celebrates the diversity of architecture and living styles from the East Village to Fort Greene, tipping its hat to a plethora of places from mom and pop shop to the New Musuem.

+ All the Buildings in New York

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