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Discarded MetroCards can be found strewn around any subway station, carelessly thrown aside by subway riders when they expire or funds are used up. Seeing this litter as the perfect medium, Boesch collects them, and gives them new life.

Many of the artist’s collages are inspired by the MTA and subway transit system itself. Using the limited colors of the cards – blue, orange, yellow, black and white – Boesch has created a body of work that pays tribute to the subways and New York, in addition to realistic portraits of famous people like John Lennon and Conan O’Brien.

Using the black and white side of the card, she assembles subway stop signs, subway maps, and vintage New York backdrops. The blues of the front of the cards become water, skies, and part of the American flag. Oranges and yellows translate to taxicabs and train cars.

Boesch’s innovative eco art moves beyond just the recycled art realm, taking on a double meaning with its New York subject matter and MetroCard origins. If you’re a fan, Boesch’s work can be bought through Indiewalls.

+ Nina Boesch

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