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The NYRP, which is dedicated to transforming open space in underserved communities, remodeled the Cooper Street Garden into a more sustainability-minded green space to serve the local community.

Some of the upgrades include a cold frame to extend the garden’s growing season which was implemented along with stabilized aggregate foot paths and a compost toilet. Tanks to harvest natural rain water have been added and permeable pavers and mulch paths allow the garden to work with the natural environment to improve moisture levels.

Beautification and functionality improvements include a wooden shade structure that serves as a central gathering place and provides protection from the elements. Raised vegetable beds and trellises provide an additional asthetic boost while simultaneously improving plant and vegetable growth.

Already well known within the largely paved, bustling Bushwick-area for its rose bushes, blue star juniper and purple hyacinth beans, the garden now boasts an eco-friendly facelift that only adds to its status as a neighborhood gem.

+ New York Restoration Project

Photos courtesy of New York Restoration Project