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Photo: NYRP

Members of the Inwood Community Group took to Facebook to offer explanations for the multi-colored waterfall ranging from mineral deposits to an oil spill to even the possibility of a dead body atop the rocks. Finally, a little digging revealed that the icy display was actually an art installation. According to DNAinfo, New York Restoration Project Sherman Creek campus director Jason Smith explained that photographer Luis Baez-Correa used food coloring and a water gun to dye the ice for over a month.

If you’d like to sneak your own peek of this delightful NYC sight, head over to the rock wall on Dyckman Street between Nagle and 10th Avenues near the Harlem River Drive. But you might want to wait until temperatures are a little kinder since you want the waterfall to be frozen, not your face.

Via DNAinfo

Photos: Nigel Chiwaya, New York Restoration Project and Mary Richman