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Perkins Eastman Architects' Green Line concept

The Green Line concept would convert the 40-block stretch into a long green park and trail for pedestrian and bike paths. The park would run through popular landmarks such as Union Square, Madison Square, Herald Square, Times Square, and continue until Columbus Circle.  All vehicular traffic in the area would be prohibited, with the exception of emergency vehicles.

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The Green Line project would differ greatly from other green park projects such as the ever-so-popular High Line because the plan would see one of the city’s most trafficked areas completely transformed instead of repurposing an abandoned site. However, the architects maintain that adding green space to the city, especially in central areas, is a benefit for the New York community and should be a priority for the city.

“Recognising that green public space is at a premium in the city, and proximity to it is perhaps the best single indicator of value in real estate, the Green Line proposes a new green recreational space that is totally integrated with the form of the city,” said Perkins Eastman principal Jonathan Cohn.

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