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The cabin, which was named after “Vostok 1”, the capsule in which Yuri Gagarin became the first man in space in April 1961. The virtually indestructible shelter is part of a work that was commissioned by Fondation 93 and is on exhibit at Cite de la Science in Paris from December 7th 2010 to March 13th 2011. Atelier Van Lieshout, who is know for his work with plastic, collaborated with astrophysicist Jean-Philippe Uzan, and musician Eddie Ladoire to create this installation dedicated to plastic and sound listening to the universe.

The bunker-like dwelling was welded together out of old steel plates recuperated from demolished boats along with other materials leftover from our current society. The recycled and repurposed materials leave a rough, unfinished look. Imperfections like the weld lines by the local blacksmith who helped put it together, are clearly visible. Inside, the cabin is furnished simply with benches, an improvised toilet and a handmade wood stove.

+ Atelier Van Lieshout

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Images ©Atelier Van Lieshout