In a splendid modern take on a local tradition, Austrian architecture firm, Maaars Architektur, turned a classic alpine “massive wood block” dwelling into a work of inhabitable prefab art. A concrete foundation holds two massive wood fins with all fixtures and fasteners built-in. This house took just 9 days to construct atop the concrete base.

The house is heated with a wood stove and solar panels, and presumably the materials function as thermal mass for storing and buffering accumulated heat. Walls of windows welcome abundant daylight and open up a sprawling vista of the hills all around.

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It’s hard to tell what kind of site the house sits on. It appears to be far from any other structures or homes, which would argue against the sustainability of the location (but very much in favor of its pristine beauty — ever the challenging paradox). The English translation came twice removed from the original Austrian website through the excellent Argentinian site, Noticias Arquitectura. Anyone with translation skills or more knowledge of the project, please chime in.

+ Maaars Architektur

Via NoticiasArquitectura