The beautiful and expressive (X) House designed by Multiplicities is one of 100 entries that have been cleared for construction in Inner Mongolia as part of the Ordos 100 project. Conceptually designed as a white lung wrapped in a black skin, the house employs a series of barriers to filter air, light, and rain, and features a smart passive design that will allow it to weather the harsh climate of Inner Mongolia.

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Designated as lot 24 in the Ordos 100 village, the (X) house is designed to address the extreme changes in temperature that the region faces throughout the year.

The project’s name refers to the funnels found within the house which channel sunlight and air from the outside in. The architects were interested in “designing the conditions as opposed to conditioning the design”, and thus sought to incorporate as many passive systems as possible. The “black lung” absorbs heat during the day and shelters the interior spaces, while the surface of the “white lung” captures and bathes the internal terraces in light. By providing a sheltered, controlled and well illuminated environment, Multiplicities hopes that they can provide a system that can adapt to the environment of Inner Mongolia.

We first brought you news of the Ordos 100 project over a year ago. The project, headed by Jian Yuan Water Engineering, commissioned 100 architects to create 100 villas in the city of Ordos, in Inner Mongolia.

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