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Each of the delicate lamps is made from hand-formed chicken wire, and the wire’s hectagon pattern is visible when the lamp is illuminated. Weder’s lamps take on an oceanic feel, looking like coral from one angle and a blowfish from the other, while still retaining an amorphous cloud-like feeling.

The pieces at Weder’s ICFF booth featured both pendant and table lamps. The oversized pendant has the mass of a chandelier, and light from the LED bulbs permeates the amorphous structure. Weder has treated the table lamp as if it were a relic to be displayed, resting on a light wooden rectangular frame as if a prized treasure. Weder’s lamps were appropriately paired with calico’s hand-marbled wallpapers at ICFF, whose designs are inspired by Japanese and Turkish designs.

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Images © Mike Chino for Inhabitat