San Francisco’s James Sampayan offers up a bright idea for the Spring Greening DIY Contest that combines old and new to create a lovely pendant lamp that gives the lowly light bulb a second life during which to “live long and prosper.” James’ design snaps ten standard bulbs between two acrylic plates along with a single CFL bulb that illuminates the rest. Simply crafted using bulbs, scrap acrylic, and miscellaneous Ace Hardware bits and bobs, this pendant is functional and economical. If you’re a fan of this design, be sure to vote for it in our contest post!


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Bulbs may indeed illuminate our world, but we’re still in the dark ages when it comes to figuring out what to do with them once they’re spent. More than a million tons of glass, including light bulbs, are thrown away every year. Even the new, more efficient CFL bulbs can pose significant problems once they are eventually spent. While this elegant pendant lamp doesn’t solve anything on a global level, it’s a great way to recycle on the househod level, and was one of our favorite entries in our Spring Greening DIY Design Contest.