Dutch designer Pepe Heykoop transforms the disused into the exquisite with his Leather Loops stools. Using remnant leather collected from the furniture industry, Heykoop has created a line of furniture that look anything but left over.We recently spotted the spirals of his seats at the Milan Furniture Fair — jump ahead for a closer look!

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Heykoop collects leather remnants in a myriad of colors, all of which have been leftover from industry production. Since the remnants are odd in size, Heykoop cuts the leather into uniform straps and strips. Each of the strips is then rolled, turning in frayed edges, end grain and color inconsistencies. By simply hiding its flaws, the remnant seems like a new, pristine piece of leather.

Grouping complementary and contrasting colors, the Leather Loops stools come in both colorful and monochromatic models, giving stylish and sleek new life to scraps that would otherwise be thrown into the garbage.

Heykoop goes beyond helping the environment, and has partnered with the Tiny Miracles Foundation to produce the Leather Loops stools. The foundation, in Mumbai, India, sends street children to school, while providing their parents with jobs to produce the artisan stools.

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