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Taking inspiration from the Art Deco splendor of Rockefeller Center, the LEGO store does its own version of the center’s famous murals in LEGO form, of course. The murals overlook the detailed window display- an all-LEGO replica of the entire Rockefeller Center complex itself. The popular ice rink, complete with skaters and golden statue, is the central focus of the piece, and even includes the national flags that line the real rink’s perimeter. Rock Center itself rises in grey and black brick, and has a LEGO Batman perched on a high floor, watching over his Gotham City.

Helioports and the Rock’s roof gardens are decked out with LEGO characters, and the iconic Radio City Music Hall is represented on the street level. Cars, cabs and horse drawn carriages take LEGO tourists around the complex, which also includes the LEGO store itself! The awesomely intricate model is joined by another area icon. An oversized LEGO version of the Atlas sculpture that sits on the Fifth Avenue entrance of Rockefeller Center holds a LEGO orb representing the heavens, and overlooks the ice rink outside.

In true LEGO form, the store also keeps things fun, with a LEGO dragon that twists and turns its way throughout the floors. The LEGO store is a must-see for feats of LEGO expertise, which are always on display and can be enjoyed free of charge.

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Images ©Lori Zimmer for Inhabitat