Onyx Solar recently teamed up with Butech to launch a new line of photovoltaic paving stones made from ceramic and glass. The streamlined solar stones are manufactured using a process that produces less CO2 and uses less energy than traditional pavement, making this energy-generating material even better for reducing the environmental impact of building projects. Onyx and Butech hope to release the tiles to market by the end of this year, making them the first PV pavement system available for purchase.

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Though the pavement is not suited for vehicular traffic — unlike the Solar Roadway — it is well suited for human traffic and can support furniture as well, in case you’d like your back patio to power your home. The tiles are made of ceramic and glass, and though Butech and Onyx seem to be confident in their ability to sustain wear and tear, we’re a little worried about how tough they are.

Onyx Solar and Butech have already collaborated on a ventilated photovoltaic glass facade for buildings that is already in use around the world. The companies are hoping to that their new photovoltaic paving stones will hit the market by the end of this year, however, not much information on its specifics are available. They won’t let on to how much energy the tiles will generate, how they are constructed, or how much they will cost.

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