Everyone loves pizza, but the main problem with enjoying a fine takeaway, stuffed crust pie (I know what I’m having for dinner…) is the number of cardboard boxes that need to be disposed of after. In the United States alone, over 3 BILLION pizza boxes are thrown away each year. However, Good News Reuse, an eco-minded company, has come up with an innovation that aims to drastically reduce the amount of cardboard that goes into the nation’s landfills: the Pi Pan reuseable pizza dish.

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Despite being made from cardboard, and therefore eligible for recycling, only a fraction of pizza boxes are recycled, as the amount of grease, hardened cheese and other food waste make the process difficult. Alternatively, made from ultra-thin NSF certified food-grade stainless steel, the ultra-light Pi Pan is able to be reused over 1,000 times while paying for itself after only 30. The idea is that pizza delivery services would use the pizza tray to deliver pies to regular customers such as businesses.

The customer would then hold on to the tray until their next delivery, when the pizza guy would simply swap them out for new ones. This would help them to reduce not only their waste disposal costs, but also their environmental impact. You can click here to see the Pi Pan in action.

What do you think? Would you mind having stainless steel trays in your home until the next time you ordered pizza? At 16″ and designed to deal with large pizzas, they’re not exactly small.

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Via Treehugger