The uneaten food and food preparation scraps we leave behind after ever meal weigh in as the single-largest component of the waste stream in the U.S. Want to do your part to reduce food waste but don’t know where to start? Washington-based Cascade Manufacturing Sales Inc. designed The Worm Factory, a composting kit complete with almost everything you need to reduce the amount of kitchen scraps, junk mail, and old newspapers you’re sending to the landfills. The Worm Factory promises odorless year-round operation, and with its compact footprint, it can even be used in apartments.

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Each year restaurants, cafeterias, and households send 96 billion pounds of food waste to the landfill, and we spend 1 billion dollars a year to do it. Some state governments have encouraged businesses to recover uneaten food for donation and to compost the rest. Some local governments have even offered curbside collection of household food waste.

Composting bins offer an easy way to cut down on household food waste while generating nutrient-rich soil that is perfect for gardening. Unlike other worm composting kits, the Worm Factory keeps the worms separated from the nutrient-rich castings they produce. It does this through a system of stackable trays that keep the worms migrating vertically as food sources are exhausted, leaving the finished compost ready to use.

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