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Ospina used the rubber linings of tires to wrap each lamp’s pillar-like base in a black, semi-glossy covering. Staggered along each lamp are a series of leaf-shaped cut outs that cradle spherical LED globes. The designer adapted the commercially available LED bulbs by outfitting them with glass globes, giving the lamps a much softer look. Because of the wide availability of discarded tire linings, this particular design holds a lot of potential for an economically viable and inherently “green” commercial product. The lamp itself is an excellent example of the new creative freedom made possible by LED bulbs’ low-temperature light. Incandescent and fluorescent bulbs’ high temperatures could create a potential fire hazard because of the design’s close contact between the bulb and rubber encasing.

Each lamp comes in a wide array of different sizes, and can be used as table, or floor lighting. While the lamps could be used individually, the artist stressed the importance of creating a “landscape to wander” by organically spacing multiple pieces. Ospina’s work is an instance where tasteful design meets technological innovation, and adaptive re-use of materials. We hope to see his lamps available to the public in the near future.

+ Pierre Ospina

+ New York Design Week