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For the past nine years, the  festival has introduced visitors to the chemistry that art and nature can have together, with carefully picked, innovative large-scale sculpture. Like years past, this year’s exhibition invites visitors to interact with both nature and the sculptures and they hike through the landscape.

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Visitors can feel like ants in the giant field of dandelions, made by Alice and David Bertizzolo. The artists installed wooden poles with spherical heads of recycled milk bottles that resemble dandelions that have gone to the feather seed phase. Perched at the top of the grassy Puy de Chambourguet mountain, visitors can let their imaginations run wild while wandering between the faux-ruins of a crashed plane. The sculpture, made of reclaimed wood planks from local mills, is by Parisian artist Roland Cros, and also has its own solar-powered lighting.

Other innovative projects include the Walden Raft by artists Elise Morin and Florent Albinet, a floating wood and plastic house on one of the ponds, as well as a climbable blue castle-like tower from Time Maker. The festival runs until September 27th, 2015.

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