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The large art installation consists of over 800 custom laser cut panels, each clad with a carefully selected section of student work. The panels were sorted by color and assembled to create an undulating whole with a rich rainbow spectrum of colors. The panels are rotated and hung at different angles and lengths to create a “three dimensional lenticular effect.”

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The rotation of each panel is fixed with a CNC-cut disk attached to the supporting wire net and is kept in place with a circular metal weight. This precise arrangement gives a rich depth to the project, which offers diverse glimpses into the visual work when viewed at different angles. The design team consisted of students Elisa Yi Feng, Zachary Grzybowski, Jeremy Hill, Eunmee Hong, Sasimanas Hoonsuwan, Wooseong Kweon, Maria Nikolovski, Danica Selem, Milad Showkatbakhsh. T. Craig Sinclair, and Emily Walek. Professors Michael Szivos with Ryan Whitby oversaw the GAUD 2015 project.

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