Today is all about cargo containers and Canadian pride. The All Terrain Cabin (ATC) comes from BC-based design and local business collective, BARK, who developed the cargo home as a representation of the diversity and possibility in contemporary Canadian design culture.

The ATC is a 480-sq-ft cabin, fully equipped for self-sustained, off-grid living. The container has been made ultra-modern with aluminum, wood and glass. It’s a product of what appears to be extensive collaboration, and is now on tour to let the world see what Canada’s got going on.

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BARK was founded in recognition “that Canada is being short-changed by the widespread, limited stereotypes of what our country is and has to offer – maple syrup, raw logs, and handsome Mounties. BARK’s Founders dedicated themselves to expanding those perceptions by showcasing Canada’s innovative design talent.”

We still enjoy maple syrup (and handsome Mounties), but as far as we’re concerned, the APC achieves its goal. Amongst the cargo recreations we’ve seen, this is one of the nicest.

+ BARK via: Mocoloco (also covered at Treehugger)