Prefabricated design welcomes the weary traveler at CitizenM Hotels, where luxury accommodations are available at economical prices thanks to the streamlined production of the modular units that make up the buildings. The Amsterdam-based company is able to offer affordable prices by keeping their construction costs low through a process called “Industrial Flexible Demountable,” which means modular units or “luxury pods” are fabricated off-site and thenstacked together to construct a building. With an ultra sleek look, the hotel offers a hip, youthful vibe that helps keep anyone’s pocketbook full.

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CitizenM is short for Citizen Mobile — and is the target audience for this new hotel chain. What traits characterize a Citizen Mobile, you ask? Contemporary travelers are considered explorers, culture-seekers, professionals and shoppers — in other words, the hotels try to embody a sense of independence and youth. Whether or not you consider yourself a Citizen Mobile or simply someone looking for a good deal as an eco-conscious traveler, one thing is for sure: citizenM will be constructing hotels as they scout more locations in urban destinations and assemble rooms in their factory — and have already announced plans to roll out their pre-fabulous hotel accommodations in major cities all across Europe.