We’ve been waiting and hoping for more from New Zealand architect Andre Hodgskin who first wowed us with BACHKIT™, a gorgeous holiday home of prefab pavilions designed in 2000. Hodgskin’s newest design is every bit as enticing. With the iPAD™, Hodgskin brings a stylish, versatile option to the prefab world with a bevy of possible configurations, finishes and even a choice in how you’d like it to arrive – it can be manufactured off-site and transported whole or shipped as a kitset for on-site assembly.

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The iPAD™ is offered in several versions: single, single with guest suite or double. The single fills 50 square meters of interior living space, with about the same area found in decks around the dwelling. A small guest suite with private bathroom can be added to this configuration off one of the decks.

The home can also expand with a second, full-scale module that adds a second bedroom. The two modules, surrounded by decks, can be arranged in a myriad of assemblies – L-shaped, offset, linear, contiguous or separated by decks – depending on the site or the owner’s inclination. The possibilities give the iPAD™ a unique versatility.

The design is available in several exterior finishes to fit many tastes, and starts at $125,000 for the single, in New Zealand.

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