Could you live in 144 square feet of space? That’s what James Stuart of Canada set out to do and in the process created a mini prefab home with all the necessary amenities inside of 12 x 12 foot cube. Built from standard materials, the mini home starts at CDN$25,000 and has a teensy footprint, both figuratively and environmentally.

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About a year ago Stuart began to be interested in building an ultra-efficient small house out of standard materials. He created Twelve3, a prefab home company, which he is now in the process of securing a manufacturer for. He plans to manufacture the homes and flat pack them in order to easily ship them anywhere. On arrival, the new owner can assemble the parts and put the house together quickly.

Inside the 144 square foot house is a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living space all on one floor. While the average 1 bedroom Canadian apartment produces 5 tons of CO2 per year and a European apartment yields 2.7 tons, the Cube only produces 0.8 tons. The home can also be powered by a solar system bringing the carbon footprint to zero. Outfitted with low flow fixtures, an on demand hot water heater, and even a guest bed, this little wonder does a lot with just 12 cubed.