When Architect Adi Purnomo of Mamostudio set out to design a live, work, and exhibition space for a photographer/painter client, he knew that maximizing natural light would be a necessity. Purnomo also pushed his studio’s creative design process to maintain the temperature of the home’s interior spaces through passive means whenever possible. The resulting Puri Indah House features an intricate series of slanted walls that reflect sunlight throughout the day, while intermingled gardens and interior pools of water ensure that the house is shaded and kept cool.

Purii Indah House, Sustainable Green Housing, Mamostudio, Passive Sustainable Methods

Mamostudio‘s Puri Indah house stands three stories tall and is crowned with a roof garden. The public gallery on the third floor is designed to exhibit the owner’s artwork, and can be left open while the resident sleeps or works in the spaces below. A perimeter staircase ensures that the traffic flow to the gallery does not intrude on the privacy of the studio and the residence itself. Almost poetic in nature, the Puri Indah house should provide plenty of space for inspiration for its artistic client.

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