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Villafane outdid himself this year with a new cast of pumpkins carved into crazy over-sized carnivorous plants. Last year’s army of zombie pumpkin ghouls roamed the gardens, but this year’s creations pose as innocent plants, poised to devour their unsuspecting prey.

The Food Network star enlisted the help of other master carvers, including Sue Beatrice and Chris Verra, who spent the day meticulously carving the giant pumpkins from around the country, collected for the New York Botanical Garden. Beatrice’s miniature pumpkin bugs joined their giant snaggled-toothed venus fly trap brethren. After transforming pumpkins into terrifying plants to visitors’ delight, the master carvers participated in a Q & A, accompanied by snacks provided by Whole Foods.

The fun continues through the week as the pumpkin masterpieces will stay on display for your viewing pleasure!

+ New York Botanical Garden

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Images ©Lori Zimmer for Inhabitat