There is something special about bicycles. Any bike enthusiast will tell you that their bicycle is not merely a means of efficient transportation, but practically an extension of their body. But what happens when that once cherished two-wheeled friend has outrun its course? Swedish designer Frida Ottemo Kallstrom resolves this dilemma with unique designs that will keep the cherished memories of your favorite bicycle intact even after its well-worn parts have deteriorated. She debuted her collection of recycled bicycle furniture at the Salone Satellite show in Milan this past April.

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An avid collector of old discarded bicycles, Kallstrom had the idea to convert them into furniture by drawing on the idea of the ‘readymade’. Reconstructing sections such as the mainframe and seat post saddle, Kallstrom’s designs contort and abstract the conventional structure of a bicycle, resulting in a playful series of stools and light fixtures. Her Cykelmöbelprojekt will keep you dreaming about Tour de France long after you’ve finished that exhilarating bike ride home.