An airy new pavilion will be the perfect place to “hang” out this summer on Governors Island. Made out of old wire hangers, Folio’s Hanger Barn was recently chosen as the winner of the sixth annual City of Dreams Pavilion competition. Sponsored by FIGMENT, The Emerging New York Architects Committee of the American Institute of Architects New York Chapter and the Structural Engineers Association of New York, the initiative selects a new innovative shelter made from recycled materials each year to erect on the island and serve as a venue and meeting spot.

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Nooks and Granny Squares by Crystal Collado and Kara Vujanovich

The winning team, made up of Folio’s Youngsu Lee and Bosuk Hur, created a design that uses old wire hangers collected from dry cleaning facilities across the city. The wire hangers are connected together using modular design techniques, creating a structure out of traditionally non-structural materials. Arranged in two arching walkways that are adjacent to one another, the shelter plays on the hangers’ triangular shape to create fractal patterns that give the illusion of movement from far away. The optical illusion gives varying views and effects from different vantage points around the island.

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The wire hanger structure is held together with zip ties, and attached to mirror fragments to give a glittering affect from afar. After the 2016 season, the pieces will be dissembled and reused around the city.

Runners up included “Catch me if you Can” by Multiply, which recycled slalom gates from nearby ski resorts, Nooks and Granny Squares by Crystal Collado and Kara Vujanovich, which used crocheted plastic bags to create dome structures, and Pneu Pavilion by Nicholas Bruscia, Christopher Romano and Daniel Vrana w/ Alessandro Traverso and Martina Mongiardino (Absolute Joint System), a lightweight structure made from recycled vehicle innertubes.