One of the most popular stands within the 100% Futures exhibition at 100% Design London this year was the [re]design Sit Up exhibition which displayed an array of sustainable seating that were as green as they were gorgeous. Expanding on last year’s installation, the [re]design collaborative design crew returned with sixteen items that epitomized good seating design- comfort, quality, style, and of course, sustainability.

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Sit Up follows these sixteen seats and their designers from concept through to production and use. With the aid of the book produced about the project, the display spoke to issues of great chair design, and also how the different designers approached the problem in unique ways.

After debuting his Plastic Bag Chair last year, Ryan Frank showed a new alternative seating option with the CNC cut ‘Bourke’s Luck’(above right), made from [re]claimed wood.

Another one of this year’s beauties was the Reee Chair (above left) designed by Pli Design with a little help from Sprout Design.

Reestore presented the public with ‘Max’(above), one of a number of products designed from reclaimed industrial and household waste, showing off an alternative use for an old iron bathtub. Whilst die hard Victorians might be shocked at such a sight, we think its pure genius!